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Official Diaspora Enrollment Partner of National
Identity Management Commission (NIMC)

ID Document Checklist – 

At the Enrolment Center, we will verify your identity with any one of the following supporting documents. Only original copies will be acceptable:

  • Bank Verification Number (if you have one)
  • Nigerian International Passport
  • Old Nigerian National ID Card
  • Nigerian Driver’s License
  • Nigerian Voters Card (Temporary or Permanent)
  • Nigerian Birth Certificate
  • Nigerian Government Staff ID Card
  • Nigerian NHIS ID Card
  • Attestation Letter from a Prominent Ruler in your Community
  • Attestation Letter from Religious / Traditional Leader
  • Declaration of Age
  • Registered / Recognized Private Organization Staff ID Card


Service Fee

  • Outside Nigeria: USD 50 (or equivalent in local currency) + Taxes as applicable
Adult (16+) Enrollment
Adult (16+) EnrollmentUse this option for on-site/walk-in adult enrollment.$50.00
Under-16 Enrollment
Under-16 EnrollmentUse this option for under-16 enrollment.$40.00
Reprint NIN Slips
Reprint NIN SlipsReprint lost or damaged NIN slips$10.00
Lamination of NIN Slips
Lamination of NIN SlipsLaminate your NIN slip to prevent it from wear and tear$10.00
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