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Official Diaspora Enrollment Partner of National
Identity Management Commission (NIMC)

The definition of KSQ / IQID and the Applicant as defined in Terms & Conditions are applicable for the Disclaimer policy.

KSQ is working in partnership with InfoQuest ID Services (IQID) to provide administrative services for processing of NIN enrolment applications.

KSQ / IQID have been authorized by the NIMC for receipt of enrolment applications including full fees, capture of biometrics (ten finger prints and facial image) and issue the Transaction ID Slip as an evidence of the successful enrolment to the Applicants.

Please note that acceptance of an application is no evidence of approval of the application and issuance of NIN. The approval of the application and issuance of NIN is the sole prerogative of NIMC. KSQ / IQID does not guarantee the outcome of any application, or the time within which, the outcome is achieved.

All applications are adjudicated by the NIMC. KSQ / IQID has NO role to play in the final decision NOR does KSQ / IQID control over decision making process of NIMC. There will be NO refund or reduction in fees, irrespective of the status of the decision by the NIMC.

Important: Applicant must ensure that they enter their correct & contactable personal details such as email address, mobile number and address on the pre enrolment form as well as this website. The email address and mobile number provided on the pre enrolment form and this website must belong to the applicant and must be contactable in case of any further communication.

The responsibility of KSQ / IQID ends the moment enrolment application data and capture of biometrics (ten finger prints and facial image) are submitted to NIMC.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application is in complete and accurate state in terms of personal details, payments and documents as per the NIMC specifications. The onus of the data submitted is on the Applicant alone and KSQ / IQID will not be liable for the same.

No employee of KSQ / IQID has the authority whatsoever to change, amend, amplify or withdraw these Disclaimer terms and conditions.

This Disclaimer should be read in conjunction with the Declaration & Undertaking, Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy.

The information contained herein (including any accompanying document /s) is / are confidential and is /are intended solely for the addressee (s) only and may constitute privileged information.

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